Carestream CS Scanflow: taking your intraoral scanning to new heights


Enter the next era of intraoral scanning with Carestream Dental’s newest software: CS ScanFlow. Unlimited workflow capacity. Faster scanning. Expanded processing options. One-click export. Touchscreen capabilities. With these advanced features, your possibilities are endless.

Getting started is as easy as opening the software and beginning your scan. Once you have a base scan, you can pursue any workflow you require; allowing you to switch to different clinical indications or treatments on your patient. A simple four-step process keeps you on track, guiding you from beginning to end.

Efficiency for your practice is key and CS ScanFlow facilitates your workflow by allowing you to choose from three processing modes based on your time and clinical indication requirements. Case collaboration is also strengthened, as you can easily send the files to your referrals, lab, or manufacturer directly from the software.

Find the PDF file of Carestream CS Scanflow here

CS scanflow software:

  • Provides ultimate versatility, flexibility and scalability
  • Puts control at your fingertips with touchscreen capability
  • Processes datasets quickly and accurately
  • Provides vibrant HD 3D digital impressions
  • Simplifies data export and exchange
  • Enhances the capture of challenging data with Hybrid Scanning
  • Works with Carestream Dental’s CS 3600, CS 3600 Access, and CS 37001 intraoral scanners


Scanflow 2

Get in touch with scanning

Our scanning process is straightforward and intuitive. A simplified user interface specifically designed for touch screen navigation allows you to enjoy more direct and intuitive interaction with the software.


Begin scanning the patient and choose the evolutionary workflow based on your personal preferences or your patient’s clinical needs.

  • There’s no need to select a workflow or application
  • You can scan the patient and determine the next steps along the way


Scanflow check

Once the scanning is complete, select from restorative, orthodontic and implant check options.

  • Verify that holes are filled, check undercuts, ensure gingiva is captured, make measurements and indicate the margin line
  • Select from low, standard, and high resolution processing options once the scan is confirmed


Scanflow adapt

Refine the appearance of the final scan based on your preferences.

  • Mesh cleanup enables you to refine the final mesh
  • The Mesh Closure adds a base to your digital impression for model printing
  • Bracket removal allows you to scan the patients still in active appliances and send a bracket-free model to the aligner manufacturer of your choice


Scanflow export

Export or transfer your files immediately after processing—with no need to exit the software.

  • Direct access to CS Connect2 allows the lab or manufacturer to use the CAD software of their choice
  • STL, PLY and DICOM files are transferred to the lab

Infinite combinations, unending potential

CS ScanFlow gives you the freedom to scan what you want, when you want and how you want. Whether your patient needs a restoration, implant or orthodontic treatment, you’ll benefit from completely unrestricted workflows.

Choose from any of our existing scanning formats, like implant, bite registration, and pre- and post-scan. You can also enjoy the freedom to add any extra scan of your choice or additional information that you want to share with your lab, such as emergence profile details, a scan body or preparation.

Carestream Dental’s open file format further opens up your range of possibilities— work with your preferred CAD design software, lab or manufacturer, and choose from a wide range of third-party validations by selected partners to power your case planning and treatment.

Learn more about CS ScanFlow

Find the PDF file of Carestream CS Scanflow here


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