Nu beschikbaar: de verbeterde Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning

Carestream (witrand)

De open softwarearchitectuur biedt meer flexibiliteit in de implantaatworkflow, waardoor practici standaard STL / PLY datasets rechtstreeks kunnen importeren in CS Imaging software vanaf elke intra-orale scanner.

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Open architecture solution

Compatible with standard STL/PLY data from any intraoral scanner of your choice

Hassle-free workflow

Enjoy a comprehensive workflow from scanning to surgical guide creation

More predictability More efficiency

Delivers optimal results to ensure confidence and improve predictability of treatment outcome in just a few steps

Easy collaboration

Effortless experience in collaboration with referrals, third parties and lab partners

Seamless integration

Advanced integration with SMOP, Blue Sky Bio and 360 imaging makes exporting 3D implant planning as simple as possible

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